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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

take me out

what better way to toast to summer than over a beer and hotdog (or doughy, pretzely thing) at a ballgame?

I had to work late, so I met my friends at the game.

it rained a little, but that just made for the perfect summer evening. and left a beautiful canvas for the setting sun to paint.

the game went into extra innings. meaning more time with my friends. one is moving across an ocean soon, so I didn't mind, despite the mountain of work awaiting me.

it was a sad ending to the evening. not only did the home team lose. but I said goodbye to a friend. I can't take many more goodbyes. although I still have a few too many to endure in the coming weeks.


Jeremy said...

Nothing like a good old ballgame. My son still talks about seeing the Rockies last year. We got a foulball and now everytime we are watching a game on TV and a ball goes into the stands he asks me if that kids gets to keep the ball like he did.

Gotta love the ballpark.

Glitter/Aleka said...

Nothing a hot dog and beer and friends can't cure, right?

Wordnerd said...

...but what a sendoff!!!

Shananigans said...

That is one gorgeous sunset. And at a ball game with beer and friends, good times. I should look into going to a Dodgers game soon, I hear they have veggie dogs at the stadium this year. Goodbyes are hard, it’s the last day of a beloved co-worker here :(

Big B said...

Great picture RG. I am sure the picture's quality equals the special time experienced with good friends.

SDW said...

You took that picture with your cell phone?

I is jealous.