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Sunday, June 04, 2006


their eyes met across the room. he smiled his disarming smile. she smiled back.

he joined them for a while. their playful banter met with a raised eyebrow from her friend. she'd insisted they were only friends now. she insisted to her friends. to herself.

but she was begining to question if maybe there was more. and that uncertainty was now apparent to her friend.

her friend had to leave, and she was exhausted. so they finished their drinks and made their way toward the door. as they were leaving he teased her about her inability to stay out late.

she wanted to tell him the only reason she was even there at all was him. she wanted to tell him that she maybe did want more than just his friendship.

but she held back. she couldn't put it all out there again. she was too afraid of not even being his friend if she did. she was too afraid that she'd completely misread the look in his eyes. misread everything, again.

how could she ever tell him that she'd been comparing every guy she met to him. whether they could make her laugh. whether they understood her slightly odd sense of humor. whether their conversations left her wanting to know more. know everything.

she couldn't. not now. she was beginning to think that maybe he was right when he called them star-crossed.

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Amy said...

Tell him. Life is too short to wonder and worry and miss an opportunity for something real. Tell him.