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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

old acting up

Once we arrived at the hotel, we grabbed a Bloody Mary and a little breakfast. Then waited for our room to be ready while resting poolside enjoying a fruity cocktail or two.

After checking in, and waiting for far too long for our bags to be delivered up to our rooms, we went in search of a little snack of wine and cheese.

Giggling during stories of toys and QVC-like ways to sell them, watched like a train-wreck during the ski weekends many of us had recently shared.

At one point we were a bit horrified by what the waiter overheard. Until we realized he has probably heard worse, much worse. After all, he is a waiter in Vegas.

We returned to our rooms and some of us primped, while some of us napped (me).

Then headed out to a club for the night, completely suspicious of the VIP cards the guy handed us at the pool. Expecting to have to wait in a very long line, we weren't too worried about finding our friend whose flight had been delayed considerably.

A minute later we were about to head into the club free of charge with our passes, a bit surprised that our VIP was actually working. I excused myself from line to wait for our friend.

Once she arrived, we headed inside, and up some stairs. And up more stairs, and up more even yet. Past floor after floor of club, unsure where they were sending us, or how we'd ever find our friends in this enormous club.

We finally were on the roof. I started to pick my phone out of my purse in hopes someone felt the vibration from a Where are you? text, when I saw them, standing close to the bar, looking a little bored.

We grabbed a drink and joined them. Trying to talk over the music, dancing some, despite the bachelorette's wounded knee. Mostly gawking at the outfits. We dressed in some of our best going out in Vegas attire, and still we were a bit frumpy compared to the crowd.

The music was great, and several of us were having a bit of fun, but our bride was not. So we left, thinking we would return after finding a little dinner.

That never happened. The many drinks of the day and the sleep deprivation set in, and resting up for the bigger night seemed like the way to go. Apparently as one of the girls said, our old was acting up.


Liz said...

You give me wanderlust! Every time I pop by you are on a new adventure...

Jeremy said...

LOL I love that - "old acting up"

Trish Ryan said...

That's a funny saying...great way to put it. Sounds like a fun trip :) Gotta love VIP passes!