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Sunday, May 04, 2008

herding cats

After a little early morning confusion over a surprise-for-the-bachelorette reservation, we grabbed coffee and a quick breakfast.

Then a few of us headed to the pool, and got settled in, ready to surprise the bride. To hear her tell it, she was wondering how you get so lucky as to lounge in the poolside pavilions as they walked up, and was pleasantly surprised to find we'd arranged just that for her day of celebration.

Our waitress was very attentive to our sangria and margarita needs, as we got down to the business of a little lingerie shower. You might think that seven girls on a large bed surrounded by columns, oohing and ahhing over lingerie, might draw a little attention. But apparently not so much in Vegas.

We played a little Texas Hold 'em amongst ourselves, betting drinks for later that night. Telling tales from college, and laughing at all the silly things we used to do. And still do.

After a very long day in the sun, some of the girls left to shop, and some of us napped in preparation for our big night out.

Dressed in our Vegas finest, we headed to the opposite end of the Strip for dinner, dancing, and whatever else the night might have in store. Those of us not allergic to feathers were adorned in boas, all were ready for a few flirtations and a little fun.

It wasn't until the gorgeous bartender made our espresso martinis that we started to have hope that the tales of the trip might include a cute guy. We had been a bit disappointed by the "scenery" thus far.

Then, while walking through the casino in search of a specific type of table that I'm not sure I ever quite caught the name of, we were stopped by guys there for a bachelor party. As we chatted, one in particular seemed to be insistent that I needed another drink.

We were talking with another of my friends, and he insisted he buy us both drinks, not wanting to be rude, we obliged. And while walking to the bar, two more of our group joined, and the poor guy ended up buying a round for me and half our bachelorette party, saving me from paying up on my earlier poker drink debt.

He seemed nice, and continued buying not only me, but my friends drinks. So, we continued to hang around with all of them.

We danced. We talked. At one point he kissed me on the dance floor.

Despite his friends insistence that we should continue hanging out, I wish I could tell you the outcome was better than my last Vegas trip. Well, he was also not-so-single. (Why am I a magnet for unavailable guys?)

Eventually some of the girls wanted to go home. S insisted she wanted to stay out and dance. (Most funny if you know she really doesn't like to dance.) I was having fun, so I said I'd stay, too. As did our other, more inebriated friend.

So, given the single girls, and it bears mentioning, the three least-sober, were planning on staying, the bride-to-be stayed to make sure we all got back eventually.

It's not as terrible as it seems, she is the most late-night person I know, and was entertained by our not-sober shenanigans. (Or at least I rationalized that at the time. Later she told me she felt as if she was herding cats.)

We stayed for a while. Wandering through the casino. Talking to inappropriate guys. At least I knew to turn down yet another drink.

Eventually, we grabbed a cab. And as S and I weaved back and forth down the hall to our room just shy of 6am, I knew it was the beginnings of a rough day.

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Glitter said...

Sounds like my last trip to Vegas, except I was with clients!