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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

disappointing reminders

The phone rang. My stomach flipped. A grin spread across my face.

It could have been either of them. They both said they would call. And I was looking forward to talking to both of them.

The butterflies subsided as I looked at the caller id. It was my friend calling to talk about the trip.

Our conversation was interesting and entertaining, as it always is. Reminding me that friendship is the most important thing. Reminding me that someday I want to find a guy that is as easy to talk to as he is.

Someday was not tonight. Neither called. Why do they say they will, then not follow through? Why not just say I'll talk to you later instead of I'll call you tonight?

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Colleen Snell said...

I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading (and enjoying) it lately. As for why they don't took me 15 years of dating to realize the answer.

The right one WILL call.

The ones that don't? Wrong guy.

From what I can tell you are a smart, articulate, funny, pretty gal that has great friends. He, They (?) are clearly idiots.