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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

silly slogan

We had a slogan for the weekend. One I shudder to type, as it may very well get the wrong sort of person stopping by. But the way we came up with it is funny, so I suppose the story should be told...

When shopping with the bachelorette before the trip, another friend who was meeting us for the weekend asked me what we were all taking to wear. I texted her back something to the effect of, We're porn shopping. Then said something about e-mailing her the following day with what we were packing.

If you know me, know my friends, particularly this friend, you would know how absolutely silly this comment is. We talked about "Vegas" outfits, which although a bit risque for us, would be very normal, not at all risque, in Vegas.

And so, when the first two of us arrived at the airport, I texted the bachelorette and our other friend arriving shortly afterward. I of course started off with Vegas baby! And then began to type that we were sitting by such-and-such baggage claim.

Well, you know how your phone predicts the next word you might want to type?

Right. So, when I began with we're, my phone predicted I wished to next write porn. From the exchange during the shopping trip.

I showed my friend, and we started laughing, outrageously, because in our got-no-sleep-before-our-crack-of-dawn-flight state, it was about the funniest thing ever.

And we had our slogan for the weekend. We're porn.

Ha. Ha ha.


Glitter said...

Ha, Ha, Ha. I love it.

VJ said...

Yeah, yeah. Everyone goes porn shopping for the bachelorette parties. And if you get really old they stop producing the porn you grew up on too. But that's a story for another day! Glad the trip went well. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

Jeremy said...

Now wait - doesn't your phone offer those suggestions based on prior usage?