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Thursday, December 20, 2007

the most wonderful time of the year

For our last girls' night of the year, we got together to eat, drink and be merry. And decorate Christmas cookies. I think more frosting and sprinkles ended up on the table and floor than actually on cookies, but that's half the fun.

I love low-key time with my friends before the holidays. Drinking wine. Eating great food. Covering ourselves in sprinkles and frosting.

I even usually love shopping. For others. Tonight I tried very hard to finish up my present gathering. I was foiled at nearly every turn.

And I definitely like holiday hanging out with a boyfriend. Last night, however, miscommunications and annoyances nearly kept the boy and I from getting together for a drink.

But instead of more message trading I insisted upon actually talking to him, and he picked me up. Mine was going to be a virgin screwdriver, to help beat the cold, but we decided the college mentality of alcohol-kills-germs was a better approach.

Hanging out with him always makes me happy, it's the trying to find time to, and trying to figure out what's going on with him, with us that drives me crazy. And the trying to figure out what to get him.

We talked about his job, and how he would like a change. How it doesn't make him truly happy. And I got to thinking that if I could only figure out what makes him truly happy, maybe I'd know what gift to give him.

I like the time we spend together. It's not great like it was. But it's still good. And I have a suspicion the holidays are not his favorite time of year. Could be the bah-humbug he muttered as he opened the door to the bar for me last night.

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Glitter said...

Alcohol cures most things but colds...I've found.

Is he still bah-humbug now?