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Sunday, December 02, 2007

beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This weekend was great. The holiday spirit is all around. The only problem is that work and other things are keeping me from enjoying it properly.

The girls came over for an ornament-decorating, wine-drinking good time. The next night was a farewell dinner with friends from school, as two are moving halfway around the world soon.

To me, the holidays always mean gatherings with friends. And my weekend was a great way to kick off the holiday season.

Saturday brought the annual standing in line for a cd. Crazy though I may be, it's a tradition. This year the boy went with me, and we met a couple of my friends. Luckily. Since the boy had to leave to go to work, and we were nowhere near the front of the line.

They were completely disorganized this year, and what usually takes a couple of hours took more than four. But I got to catch up with friends I rarely see. So despite the long wait in the freezing cold, it was not that bad.

My sister and her husband graciously offered to take TheDog to pick out my tree without me, as I had work to do. They delivered the beautiful tree and TheDog back to me today.

I also squeezed a fun afternoon with friends into the mix. A short evening with the boy. And dinner and White Christmas with my mom and sister.

If I can only find time in the craziness to bring the tree inside and decorate it. If only I didn't have three weeks of work to get done in one, the holiday spirit would have no chance of fading.

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Jeremy said...

We decorated our house and tree yesterday. My wife loves Christmas! It was fun going through years and years of ornaments and showing the kids the clothespin Rudolph I made years ago in elementary school. His nose is still red, but he is missing one eye now.

Happy Holidays RG!