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Thursday, March 16, 2006

completely off base

I was way off about the doctor. not only was he an ass, but apparently he was a married ass. my friend got this little scoop when she was hanging out with a friend of his later.

so, why is it the married and soon-to-be-so guys decide they need to kiss me? is it my stupidity of not asking the right question? although to my credit, this last one didn't really give me the chance.

with all of the weekend's twisted tales, I was beginning to think I should stay away from guys for a while. then a wrench was thrown into the plan.

the hanging out due to the bet turned out to be great. he said he wanted to hang out again. it's looking like a good possibility. but these days, I know not to count on anything.


Wordnerd said...

Man oh man oh man...I hate that you had to waste any time at all on that ass of a doctor -- what a creep. I'm liking how "bet guy" sounds...good luck!

Valerie said...

ahhhh, married asses. I know a few of those. ;) Chin up!

JAX said...

Oh, I know too many of those kinds back when I used to work. They are everywhere unfortunately.

Good news is that there are good men out there. Hard to find? Yes, but they are out there.

Jeremy said...

RG, I promise I will never try to kiss you.

Unless of course my wife is there too...

HA I am totally kidding.
Just hoping to get a chuckle and a smile.


gunngirl said...

Good possibility? Run with it. ;)

Rainypete said...

I think his PHD was for "pretty horrid dolt". Good luck with bet guy though.