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Thursday, March 30, 2006

sitting, waiting, wishing

I'm sitting in the airport. on free access. except there's a no business caveat. I can't even check my work e-mail. guess that makes me enjoy my trip more. without the ability to check the messages in my inbox.

visiting with my grandma was relaxing. my mom was here on her spring break, so I stopped in on my way to San Diego. there's not much to do without leaving my grandma behind. so we did a bit of reading and chatting. it was great to catch up.

although I'm happy that I should be by the ocean soon. to meet up with friends and celebrate yet another getting hitched. more activity to keep me busy.

sitting around. doing nothing. I tend to think. about all the things I should be doing. about all the things I wish I were doing. about the people I wish I could talk to.

that sounds ungrateful. I'm not. I thouroughly enjoyed the time spent this week with my grandma. I love her. she's amazing, as I've said before. I just wish she could still do some of the things she used to do.

but I am very grateful to still have her around. and I very much look forward to driving her back home soon.

I suppose if she could still do all the things she used to, I wouldn't get the chance to drive with her. the chance to know her as well as I do. and for that I am more than grateful.


Yoda said...

You're in San Diego?????

Awww, RG...drop me a line, and we'll find the time for a couple of drinks.



Wordnerd said...

Enjoy the downtime...enjoy grandma! Two wonderful gifts!

jeopardygirl said...

My grandmother is going to come and visit with me sometime this summer, and I'm looking forward to it. She's going to make me take her to the Family History Centre, though, I just know it. LOL.

Big B said...

My GM passed on 10 years ago, and I think of her all the time - life is such a gift...

clew said...

*awe ...* Sounds wonderful! :)

Hey you! I lost a bunch of my links and it's taken me a while to find everyone again. Hope you've been well!!!