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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the dance

there are steps. an order. a dance.

the beginning is always uncertain. what song will come on? it may be only a short-lived, fun-filled tango. it may turn into a long, slow waltz. one may want to tango. while one may want to waltz. you never know at the start.

if you mis-step you might step on toes. it you hold on too tightly or pull back too far, you might lose your dance partner completely.

but at least you got asked to dance. or did the asking. does who does the asking change the dance? can someone who's always had two left feet learn the steps? or will the lights come up, before the song is even over?


JAX said...

great metaphor!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I loved this one. I love to dance. Sometimes, I'm afraid my dancing days are over. That didn't stop me from taking Salsa lessons this winter, though. Not that it did any good, but still, it was fun remembering what it was like, once upon a time, to twirl in the twilight with someone I wanted to kiss.