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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

inspiration reborn

I think I've said before that I'm a bit of a photo nut. I was reminded of how much I love photography tonight.

J and I went to see John Fielder do a slideshow presentation on his new book. another comparison of historic photos to what that same place looks like today.

it was inspiring. although Fielder's not originally from Colorado, he appreciates the beauty of my home state as much if not more than most Colorado natives.

and he's a really nice guy. I often visit his gallery store to stare at the magnificent prints on the walls. the prints I will not be able to afford anytime soon. various times when I've been in there he is there. he always takes time to talk with the gallery guests.

I've talked with him about his photography, my own, and about the possibility of going on one of his workshop trips.

I would love to go on one of his multi-day hiking trips, where he imparts his landscape photography wisdom on the participants. but I have a better chance of affording his prints in most cases than a workshop.

everytime I talk to him or visit his gallery I get this little tug. a tug to shoot more pictures. I have always loved taking pictures. and given I live in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful states, I have great subjects to work with, which require expending little effort.

I have taken countless cool pictures of Colorado, some are included in this post. more were included from a little hike near a mountain lake a few months ago.

but I've taken many pictures of equally beautiful but vastly different places. I've shared some from San Francisco.

tonight I was inspired to find the others, and work on some posts about them. I have cool shots of London, New Orleans, Washington D.C., San Diego, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Florida, Oregon, Texas, Hawaii, many Colorado spots, and I'm sure a few more locations that I'm forgetting about right now.

I've decided that I'm going to look through my boxes of photos, find the best of those, digitize any that need it, and do more photo posts. those are the ones I enjoy looking over again and again. perhaps you do, too.

I'm also headed on a few trips in the next few weeks, and I plan to take bunches of photos, perhaps some with this in mind.

so tonight I was inspired again to do what I love. take the opportunities I have been given to shoot some more pictures.

and in case you are curious, the photos in this post are, in order from top to bottom:

1) Aspens turning on Rollins Pass.

2) Beginnings of the sunset over Colorado Springs.

3) Sunset looking west from Denver.

4) (not sure of exact peak name) near Berthoud Pass.

5) Sunset over Breckenridge.


Dent, Arthur Dent said...

Very nice pictures.

Jerk of All Trades said...

The sad thing is, if you told people that it's even more beautiful in person, they probably wouldn't believe you.

Jeremy said...

B E A Utiful!

Can I attend one of your workshops?

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could do that. I took photography in college and could just never get the darn thing to print and I overexposed everything.

kt said...

great pictures!

John Fielder IS a nice guy - he donated his artwork to my environmental organizations website. We had him present at our annual conference a few years ago. His pictures are even better with stories to go with them!

Jen said...

Those make me want to see Colorado sometime. You are quite a photographer.

ramblin' girl said...

Well, Jen, come on up!!
and J(erk) is right, it really is much more beautiful in person... or at least in Fielder's photos...

and kt, I love listening to him talk and tell stories... we should go listen to one of his slideshows sometime!