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Sunday, September 11, 2005

silent Sunday

it was an eerie Sunday. I was sitting with TheDog at the coffee shop. the world seemed slow, if not on pause. even TheDog seemed melancholy.

was it everyone's way of remembering the tragedy that occurred four years ago? was it the sadness and sense of loss perpetuated by Hurricane Katrina? (or was it just that there was finally regular season football on tv?)

I sat reading part of the paper, part of a book. reflecting over the craziness in the world. the hate and blame and finger-pointing that never seems to end.

I'm a natural mediator, a middle-child. I don't like conflict. I like for everyone to get along. I've always tried to do my part to facilitate hand-shaking instead of finger-pointing. compassion instead of hate. understanding or at the very least willingness to accept another point of view instead of closed-mindedness.

how will the countries and religions of the world ever learn to live in peace and listen to other points of view without hate and contempt, if individuals cannot do the same with their neighbors who live next door?

instead of blaming everyone else for what wasn't done, will people ever learn to appreciate what has been done and find out what they can do to help?

at least
some are reaching out to thank those who have helped recently.


Jen said...

I don't understand why everyone always wants to point fingers and assign blame either. Why not just put all of our energy into moving forward?

Garry Evens said...

Blame has its usefulness. I only blame the president insofar as he seemed unshaken by it all until later in the week. Of course, this kind of blame gets us nowhere. By the way, this is the first time I've used "insofar" in anything I've written. I guess I was never confident enough to use it.