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Sunday, February 12, 2006

the road of life

it's funny. just when you least expect it, the road of life throws a mountain pass at you when you're expecting a straight shot through South Park. (no, not the cartoon, the actual place.)

I thought I had things figured out. I was having no luck without fulfilling the bet, so I signed up. I decided it was research. if nothing else, at least I'd have good stories to tell.

although not as significant as what happened with my friend when he signed up, I've found that it's the attitude that makes the difference. and mine has changed.

I know there are great guys out there. I may meet somebody great at a show. it may be a friend that starts to show interest in more. it may be a friend of a friend. or maybe someone who's really looking, too.

you never know what the pass holds for you until you start driving up. and you'll never know what lies on the other side until you get to the top. perhaps there will be a few hairpin turns in the near future.

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Kristi said...

Perfect analogy for a Colorado gal! Good luck!