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Monday, February 13, 2006

funny fate

she walked into her favorite coffee shop. she had too much work to do. the low murmer there helped her to concentrate. she set her laptop down and hung her coat on the back of the chair. she looked up, and he was there, waving at her.

he was on the phone, so she went about her business getting her caffeine dose for the evening. when he hung up, he walked over to say hi and gave her a quick, friendly hug.

he was there working, too. but she asked if he had a few minutes, if he would like to sit down. he did. the conversation came easily, comfortably. there in the place where they met.

they talked about work and friends and music. they both had things to get done. he went back to his computer, and she put her headphones on and concentrated on her work.

every once in a while she would glance up and he'd be glancing back. they'd exchange friendly grins. this was how it was supposed to be.

later in the evening, a woman joined him. she'd seen them there together before. been introduced to his friend. so as she was leaving, she stopped by their table to say goodbye. she was introduced, again, to the friend. but the feeling she may have interrupted something, made her cut the conversation short with the I need to get home excuse.

as she walked out into the chilly air she couldn't stiffle the laugh. it escaped as the doors swung closed. how funny, the curve balls life throws. she hadn't seen him there in months. he had another coffee shop he frequented, now. she grinned as she thought about how fate must have quite the sense of humor to continue throwing these coincidences at her.

as she drove home, though, she began to wonder, maybe fate wasn't trying to be funny. maybe she was just reminding them both the reason why they had been friends in the first place. because they had things in common and enjoyed each other's company.

she slept well that night. happy in the knowledge that despite the awkward run-ins, despite the strained conversations, their friendship would survive. it may take time, but perhaps fate was helping them along.

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Rebecca said...

Good for you! Own the situation - that is empowering. You guys will find your way back.... :)

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!