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Monday, September 15, 2008

woe is me

Just a quick woe is me moment. Feel free to ignore.

It's pathetic just looking over at the number of posts per month this summer. The thing is, I haven't felt much like writing. Even before TheDog got sick.

It's not that I haven't had a fun summer. But I've felt a bit like life is passing me by. With wedding festivities and baby showers and kids birthdays to celebrate with all of my friends, there just haven't been many interesting "me" things to write about.

Even my birthday was a non-event this year. I canceled the party I had planned, because of TheDog. And I've felt guilty leaving her for too long to do too many frivolous things like happy hours and dinners.

My friends have mostly forgotten about me, it seems. I am so far out of the loop I didn't even know that two of my good friends are dating each other. And have been for a while.

Friends I've introduced have begun leaving me out of their get-togethers. And I'm not sure if it's something I've done, or something I forgot to do.

Only one or two called to check in on me in the weeks that TheDog was really sick. A few e-mailed. But it was like they didn't really want to have to hear about it.

And the birthday was a non-event for them, as well. We plan dinners and weekend get-aways for their birthdays, and mine came and went with maybe a text or e-mail.

It seems the one who always calls and is there for everyone else when they need to vent or just talk has no one to turn to for the same.

I'm just feeling slighted. Like my friends aren't really that right now. Like they would rather not be. Like my only real friends are either sick and furry or live hundreds and thousands of miles away. And I miss them.


Glitter said...

Unfortunately I know JUST how you feel. I say that all the time to some people and it drives me crazy. Some people aren't willing to put in the effort, while other are.

Rebecca said...

It's hard RG. I think people mean well, but life sometimes get in the way.

I bet your friends would feel awful if they knew what you've been going through with The Dog. Sometimes it takes you letting them know what you're going through to make them realize how not there they are being for you.

Trish Ryan said...

I remember the first time this happened to me. I didn't have a dog yet, just a plant. And I couldn't believe how forgotten I felt when I hit a major pothole in life and it seemed like the people who made up my friendship-world were too busy to care. It was as if there was some sort of social gymnastics routine I was supposed to have learned to keep people's attention.

I'm so sorry this is happening. All of it. It won't always be this way, that much I know for sure. Hang in there!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I've been friendless since I was 18. I got pregnant, and immediatly lost common ground with all my friends. The day I gave birth, I called my friends and no one cared with the exception of one. I'm still in my friendless slump. We're in the same boat, you're not alone.

Elizabeth said...

Aw, RG. Everyone feels friendless at some point. Different friends have different virtues, but loneliness is a universal woe.

Most people, especially people who have human children instead of canine or feline ones, don't understand the depth of despair you are in. Afterall, theDog is only a dog, in their minds.

We know how important she is, RG, and we are here for you, just as you were there for me when Copper died.

Sending love, hope and prayers your way,


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself, and TheDog, hugged.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down. You're allowed to have woe is me moments. It sucks when it feels like your friendships are one-sided. It happens to us all along the way.

I hope someone reaches out and gives you a hug soon.