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Monday, September 22, 2008

welcome fall

It's my favorite season, if you don't count skiing and hiking seasons, this season of fleece pullovers and sweaters. Yes, I love fall.

So why in the world am I leaving my cool evenings and mornings to head south for another week of heat? Why, the music and friends, of course.

Another week of summer on repeat. Another year of listening to good tunes with great friends.

I can't wait. Although I have to, for another day or so. But soon I will happily leave the stress of work, and sadly leave TheDog.

And even though I know she'll be well cared for, I'll worry about her the entire time. My sister will spoil her while I'm gone, take wonderful care of her. But leaving her has been a really difficult decision. I just hope it's not the wrong one.


Glitter said...

Where are you going?

Rebecca said...

Enjoy your trip and yes - y9u know the dog will be in great hands. :)

This is my favorite season too...I love everything about it - except the colds. :(