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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

waiting, wishing

My mom and sister were at my house when I got the call last week. It was the surgeon who did the exploratory surgery. She was calling to check on TheDog, and to let us know she'd gotten preliminary results on the biopsies.

I looked at my mom's and sister's worried and expectant faces. Then I asked what the results were.

She said the biopsies of the liver looked ok. I sighed, audibly. My sister smiled. I said the gazillionth prayer for the same thingsame thing.

Then the vet's voice changed. The biopsy of the mass in her stomach showed it was cancerous.

But it wasn't as specific as the vet would have liked. She asked if it would be ok to send the tissue samples to the outstanding lab up the highway a ways. It would help to determine what course of action could possibly be taken.

I agreed.

I relayed the information once I'd hung up. We were back to waiting and wishing.


Glitter said...

: (

Jeremy said...

I hope everything is ok.

Hugs and Wet noses!

VJ said...

Wishing you and your dear friend a more positive diagnosis or at least some good hope for survival chances of a long life shared together. Better moments to you both, 'VJ'