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Thursday, April 06, 2006

skip of the heart

I walked in the door. my heart skipped just a little. then butterflies. he saw me walk in and got up to meet me. he offered me his seat, as it was the only one. we talked and laughed. it was easy. but it was more than that. interesting. heartfelt.

I glanced across the bar. my gaze landed upon a friend. I waved and motioned him over without even thinking. then realized I should have checked with him. my friend joined us. he didn't mind. we even joined my friend and his girlfriend when they sat down for dinner.

the evening stretched on much longer than our first. but despite both of our after work tiredness, the conversation didn't cease. I began to realize I liked this guy. a lot.

as he walked me towards my car, he told me he was sad he couldn't see me for a while since I was leaving on my adventures* the next morning. I smiled. me too. he leaned in and kissed me. my heart skipped just a little.

I couldn't stop grinning on my way home. I called him when I was gone and we talked for a while. and all seemed good.

but something changed while I was gone. he either got scared or reconsidered. or maybe I just misread things. now all I want is for my heart to skip a little.

* I know, I promised tales of my travels. and I promise to make good on that promise. but not yet. my head's not there right now. or maybe it's my heart that's not there.


Elizabeth said...

Dang, RG. The roll of the dice...and it happens every morning when you put your feet on the floor.

Yoda said...

RG, I gotta tell ya...I'm paying very careful attention to the things that go on in my head these days. Sihaya is this wonderful constant...she's fearless about making it clear that she likes me...but at the slightest interruption -- a sick day, an e-mail so late in the day that it garners no immediate response -- and my mind starts whirling. I scare the shit out of me. I do. Sihaya brings me back by just being constant (and very patient).

So hang in there. Be constant. :-)


hubs said...

overthinking seems to be one of the greatest dangers in dating. good luck, stay positive.