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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

just maybe

I hoped it would happen, even though I'd given up on it. I heard the phone ring, but didn't get there in time.

it was him. I waited for the phone to beep again. so I could hear his voice. hear what he had to say.

it didn't. there was no message.

I can't call again. can't say I saw you called.

and all I want to do is talk to him. and I can't explain it. I've never met someone that seemed to get me as he did.

maybe he'll try again. just maybe.


Jen said...

Why can't you call? It's perfectly reasonable.

Jeremy said...

I hope he calls.
Gice me his number and I will call him and tell him to call.


Jerk of All Trades said...

Oh for cryin out loud....just call him already! You're gonna let true love (possibly just great sex) slip by because you'd feel awkward saying "I saw that you called"?

Don't be silly RG, that's my job.

S.L. Peterson said...

You don't even have to say, "I saw that you called" - just call and say hey!!! If he called you, he'd obviously be up to hearing from you!

Yoda said...

They're all right!

There's a great Far Side cartoon with two cows sitting in overstuffed chairs next to a phone on a table. The phone rings and one of the cows says, "Well, there it goes again, and here we sit without opposable thumbs."

You don't have an excuse that good for not returning the call! Call him, and don't make it about returning the call.

When a woman calls me, I'm beyond flattered, especially if I'd been thinking of her, too.


kt said...

yeah, just say i saw you called. i do it all the time - it's not uncommon in the age of cell phones and caller id. and it would have been ok to call him back RIGHT WHEN you got to the phone and say "sorry i didn't get to my phone in time, what's up?".

Amy said...

Man, those words of your post just ring so true. How many times have our hearts skipped that beat and waited for the reassurance that someone that we like likes us back? Ahh, moments like those... I hope you post soon to say you called or he called back or somehow, in someway he made you smile again.