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Thursday, August 07, 2008

just want to thank you

Such a crazy week. Work. Work that's not work. And a very interesting course.

But amidst the hectic pace, I made time to do one thing that always makes me feel like, well, me. And I did it three nights in a row.

The three nights in a row makes everyone thinks I'm crazy. And I am a little. Alright, a lot.

But Kevin, James and Chris sure know how to make a girl's heart skip a beat. Melting to the sounds of their voices.

I can't pick a favorite. Not even based on the my company. My fantastic "date" the first two nights, and many friends tonight. They were all too amazing.

So, thank you Keb' Mo, James Taylor and Chris Isaak. Thank you for sharing your talent this week.

I needed a little live music fix. Ah, who am I kidding? I needed a lot of live music fix. So, thanks.


Bee Repartee said...

Chris Isaak has a voice like buttah. Who could blame you?

Glitter said...

I'm the same way - 3 concerts in a row. Sleep is overrated!

Jeremy said...

I think my wife decided to marry me when I sang Wicked Game to her in the shower... we love Chris Isaak!

Oh btw RG - ever been to Switzerland? I am heading there for 2 years. Can you say skiing in the alps!!!