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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

has to get better

The last two weeks have not been good in other areas. But last night things went to terrible where it really matters.

Up all night with TheDog. After debating about what she could have eaten. Nothing. About if she could just have a bug. Doesn't appear to be so. After my boss getting mad about it, I took her in this morning.

They did tests. Found nothing concrete. I'm just to watch her. If she doesn't get better, she goes back.

It's looking like we're going back. But I'm praying she has a miraculous recovery soon.

I can handle a lot. Not this. She just has to get better.


Jeremy said...

There are few things that have been harder for me than losing one of my precious four legged companions. I know what you are going through RG. Karma, prayers and yummy puppy treats all coming your way.

Hang in there.

Yoda said...

RG -

If there's one thing I learned from owning a dog, it's that love can heal miraculously. When a dog is truly loved, the way you love TheDog, if a miracle is possible, it will happen.

I don't know why, but that's how dogs work.


Glitter said...

Awww : ( Fingers crossed that TheDog will be ok.

Elizabeth said...

Not TheDog!!

I am so deeply in love with my Lexi. She is my sweetie, always so happy to see me. She has learned patience, finally, having passed her second birthday.

I send up a dog prayer for the two of you.


Rebecca said...

Hey! I commented on one of your posts a few weeks back, but I don't think it actually made it for some reason - the site hiccuped. Anyway, I'm sorry about The Dog. I hope she gets better - I will think positive thoughts for her, ok?

Trish Ryan said...

I'm adding my prayers to yours for your awesome dog to feel better!!!