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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

no more punching bag

The plan was to skip out on work a tad early to exchange cars. Stopping by the car wash on the way, to remove the sand from the trip before returning the barge to my dad. The quick exchange turned into a marathon shopping, dinner, and coffee evening.

The perfect distraction from a day spent quibbling with my siblings about what to do for Father's Day, and whether I was a terrible daughter simply because I'm flying back only in time for dinner and not in time for other festivities if they ever get planned.

I bought a few workout wardrobe items I needed, and talked my mom into a few things as well. We both completely redecorated our houses without buying a thing. Well, unless you count my mom's new dish towels.

Just hanging out with my mom nearly made me forget the mean things my brother said to me when I mentioned how expensive it would be to change my flight to accommodate the possible change in plans. Despite the fact that I tried to get them to discuss plans weeks ago before I booked my flight.

Somewhere in the middle of the furniture section at C&B, while deciding which rugs might go best in which rooms, I realized it's not worth the fight. My brother will either realize he's being a jerk or he won't. I'm too exhausted to insist my dad is important to me to someone who very well knows that is the case. To someone who is simply taking his frustrations in other areas out on me.

I've decided to try to be the bigger person. I'll ignore his jabs. Excuse myself from the role of his punching bag.


Glitter said...

Sometimes it's hard to ignore! I know that all too well.

VJ said...

Amen. Everyone's gotta grow up sometime. Like right after their 40th B-day... Would you believe the 50th? Ok it's still a stretch for some. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'