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Thursday, October 05, 2006

things that make you go hmmmm

Traffic was terrible. We were late. J and I quickly walked up to the check-in table. I saw him standing all the way at the other end of the table. I waited for some acknowledgement that he'd seen me. None was given.

This was the fourth year we'd volunteered for the GABF. The first was the year we met. Last year was the first that we weren't dating. This year, I wasn't nervous or worried, I really don't care anymore. I was only curious why he'd called me a few months ago. I'd decided (actually my friends had insisted) that he didn't deserve a return phone call.

We walked upstairs and found D all set to pour for one of the best local breweries. The brewery reps were great. One in particular. The three of us, as always, had a great time.

After the pouring was done, as we were deciding where to go for a drink afterward, he walked up to the table. It was almost too loud to hold a conversation. The music was still playing. There were still really loud, obnoxious drunk people milling about. And there was a brewery rep waiting for us to decide where we were drinking.

We didn't talk for very long. But long enough to exchange pleasantries. Long enough for him to ask if I got his message, months ago. I feigned that I couldn't really hear that inquiry. He asked if my number was the same. I said it was. Then D interrupted, saying we had to go, right then. He asked if I was pouring again. He said he'd come talk to me more then.

The nice brewery rep insisted on buying us beers after the festival. Insisted on buying us breakfast before our next shift. Insisted on buying us brewery t's. Alright, so the brewery really did the buying, but he did the insisting.

As we were drinking after our first shift, into the bar walked a very familiar face. He was the brewery rep from a couple of years ago. He remembered me, too. We had flirted incessantly that year, but although he was really cute and funny and he gave me his card, I never followed it up, because I was dating the other at the time. Before he left the bar, he suggested I ditch all beer-pourer protocol and come pour for them again my next shift.

Before our next shift, J and I joined our friend from the brewery we poured for the first night at the breakfast. I never drink beer before noon, but when a brewery buys you breakfast and beer, and it's their fantastic Autumn Ale on tap, well, you drink it.

Once back at the festival, being the rule follower I am, I couldn't bring myself to leave the section I was assigned on our next shift. But J and I walked by the other brewery a few *ahem* times to see if my friend from a few years ago was around. We even made friends with one of their pourers. She assured us he hadn't been there.

Later, we were talking to some random guys when the Sierra Nevada rep from last year walked up and said hello to me. Asked why we weren't pouring for him that year. I cited the "pourers rules" again. J teased me about being remembered by all of the brewery reps.

She didn't drop it at that though. After the festival she asked me if I was going to call this year's rep, since he'd handed me his card. Repeatedly. I laughed. Then reminded her that I didn't think he meant for me to call, despite what she and D thought. Reminded her that I'm dating someone. Then she reminded me that I wasn't sure he was the one for me, and that I'm sometimes a bit clueless.

After she dropped me off I began to think about what she said. About the two guys whose cards I had. Two cute guys. The situation reminded me of the other guys with potential I'd run into one day. The ones who made me question staying with someone when it wasn't working out.

A few days after the festival he called. No, not any of the brewery reps. The ex. I can't decide whether to call him back. I never did get to talk to him more at the festival. Find out why he'd called in the first place.

I'm not sure if I should let my curiousity get the best of me. If I should call him. If I should call any him.


Glitter/Aleka said...

You know the old saying, when it rains it pours. Just when you think things are going along smoothly you get a curveball like an ex.

Jeremy said...

Exes are that for a reason...
It is fine to catch up during a random meeting or on the street - but a phone call... a phone call means effort - and even just out of curiosity, if effort, or desire is not your intention, it can cause problems. Drama. The shit that we all try to get rid of when we make them exes in the first place.

Of course this is from a married boy who hasn't had an ex for 10+ years...

So here is a little grain of salt to go with it. *

Amy said...

One of the things I hate about dating is when someone forced you to "get the hint" by just blowing you off. I hate that, and I think it's disrespectful. I'd call the ex. I'd remain completely unattached to the call, but find out what he wants. If he wants to just chit chat, I'd make him cut to the chase, spill his cards, put it on the table. And then you know what you're dealing with and can make a choice.

I'd also call the guys whose cards you hold. Why not? They showed interest, so why not at least explore the option? You don't know until you try.

The ball is in your court, take advantage of it and get what you want out of it.