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Thursday, October 26, 2006


I usually heed the be careful what you wish for warning.

As we drove back from the airport, I was saddened a little by J's sister's recount of the snow we missed while we were gone, by her report that the weather here was supposed to be nice all week. I'd silently wished it would snow again soon.

I love snow. I love watching it fall. I love seeing everything blanketed in clean, crisp white.

I could barely make out the snow on the porch roof this morning when I peeled myself out of bed. I grinned.

Various tree branches were scattered amidst the wet snow in the yard this morning. The trees still have some leaves on them. The wet snow clings to them, bending and breaking the limbs.

When I tried to check my e-mail early, I realized one had taken out my cable line. Of course I couldn't get through when I called. I can live without tv, what I can't live without is the internet access it also brings. Particularly now.

TheDog had surgery while I was gone last week. And now she needs to be closely watched. So, I have to split my work time between my office and home for the remainder of the week. That's very difficult to do with no access to e-mail.

Perhaps the coffee shop down the street won't mind me popping in every hour or so to borrow their wifi.

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Jeremy said...

We had a wonderful blanket of snow when I woke up this morning too. It sure is a great way to start the day off.

White, Pure.

I sure hope the dog is ok...

Take care,