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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

too quiet

Everything's too quiet. No matter how long I stay away, when I come home the silence is deafening.

There's no face in the window waiting for me. There's no wagging tail to greet me. There's no tiggering for treats. No impatient pacing waiting for our walk.

Last week I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I had to say goodbye to my best friend.

No matter how much I try to remember the years of wonderful moments I was lucky enough to share with her, the hole in my heart is too vast. It swallows me whole. My heart is broken.

I miss you, TheDog, the best dog ever. I miss you so very very much.


VJ said...

Sorry to hear of your loss RG. It's always tough to loose a good & faithful friend. They don't make many as decent & good in a lifetime. I hope you can perhaps find a new prospect soon. But it's never quite the same, and is never any substitute. The 2 legged kids too are simply no comparison either. To be found wanting everywhere! Brighter moments to you, 'VJ'

Susan said...

I'm so sorry RG - she was loved. At least you have great memories.

Elizabeth said...

Ah, RG. I remember when you sent me a comforting note when I had to make the same tough decision four years ago. I still get teary eyed looking at pictures of's the good news. Lexi is not Copper. But she's wonderful to come home to just the same.

Time will take care of the empty place in your heart.

SDW said...

Oh my... RG, I'm so very, very sorry to hear about TheDog heading to that big milkbone in the sky.

Give it some time, and enjoy the great memories that you two shared...

Liz said...

Oh no... I'm so sorry to hear that.