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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what I did on my "vacation"

Yes, for those of you who stopped by since I fell off the planet, I'm still here. Alive. Good. All that.

Just busy. With work and other work. Friends and family. And of course there was a trip ot two.

Besides all that, my issues are still inconsequential compared to others. I've been the sounding board. To many. Some friends who were at one time too busy to talk to me about the craziness they now find themselves in.

But I'm here. Always. With real friends, that's just the way it is.

I would never question one on why she didn't talk to me about it while she was in the midst of it, only when it was over. That's just her way. And I know that. She has other things she's dealing with also. And when she needs a shoulder or ear, she knows she has mine. Always.

And although I want to shake another friend and ask what the heck he thinks he's doing. I'm trying not to get too involved. It's not my place.

Maybe a drama-magnet friend was right, maybe there has been too much drama lately.


Susan said...

Always does...

Heidi said...

Hey! I didn't even know that Katie HAD a blog until I told her about mine and now I see that she's got friends with blogs and I know you too! So, my blog stops have grown and I like it that way. I hope you don't mind me reading yours?
P.S. For quicker recall, I met you through Katie and then most recently saw you at the GESET convention. (Have I already written you this on a blog? I can't remember)

I love the way you think about your friends leaning on you when it's their time or in their way. I need to try to see it that way next time I'm needed after-the-fact. I had a friend go through a divorce and I had kept calling her not knowing ANYTHING about what was going on. When she finally DID call me (and we actually are pretty close) she told me she'd filed papers on her husband because she'd fallen out of love with him. I was shocked. Then I was hurt. I was thinking that I could have been there for her or at least helped her move out. SO many huge things had happened with her and she didn't peep about a single thing to me until 'after-the-fact.' She had said it was because I knew her husband and liked him and she was afraid I might try to tell her to rethink things or say "Are you sure?" I probably would have asked that question though because I had absolutely no idea she was building up to that point or even thinking that.
Anyway, I'll have to try your method next time I'm needed. To remember that they're feeling vulnerable and they know who they need to say the things or help them at that moment.

Hope you continue blogging~